For The Record

If there was ever an inquiry regarding my sanity…

Them: Please state, for the record, how long your vacuum cleaner was broken…

Me: Uh. Six weeks?

Them: And what did you do the morning of July 6th?

Me: I went to Lowe’s and bought a new vacuum cleaner.

Them: Did you use the vacuum cleaner after you bought it?

Me. Noooo.

Them: Why not?

Me: Well I was working outside all day, and after I came in and stripped down to get in the shower I decided to… um… tear out the carpet.

Them: Let me get this straight. You didn’t have a working vacuum cleaner for over a month, and on the exact same day you bought a replacement vacuum cleaner– a vacuum cleaner that at this very moment is still in its box– you decided to tear out your carpet. Naked.

Me: Um.

Me: Yes?

Them: …

Them: I rest my case.

So. That happened.

I’m actually keeping the carpet in the two guest rooms for now (one of which is currently acting as my bedroom) but everything in the hallway and master bedroom is on its way out.

Since I’ve already got the wood floor for the hallway stashed in the tool room, this might actually motivate me to get the floor finished up here. And if it doesn’t, trying to avoid the carpet staples in bare feet every morning keeps things exciting.

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  1. You know, the real question to your sanity would have been if you showered BEFORE tearing the carpet up. You’re perfectly sound from my view.

  2. Can I say how much I love this? I’ve got terrible carpet all over my house (seriously, the whole damn house, kitchen and bathrooms included) and I wish I had the balls to say, “Screw it” and just attack.

    1. from one carolyn to another, DOOOOOO EEEEEETTT! get a sharp utility knife and rip that crap up! 😀

      you can do it if i can!

      who is actually another carolyn.

  3. Coming from someone who CONSTANTLY walks up and down her stairs cursing her dirty, old, disgusting carpet and wishing it was exiled, this sounds completely reasonable to me. I know that one of these days I’m going to snap and my boyfriend is going to come home to me muttering and slashing the current carpet on the stairs to ribbons in order to FINALLY get it out of my house!

  4. Oh golly… nothing quite like getting carpet debris in one’s girly bits, eh?

    Geez, its bad enough that you often refuse to wear gloves… but now you’re just doing this stuff outright naked?!

    *laughs* You are so weird! x-D *hugs*

  5. So I haven’t commented before but I have been reading and I have to say I’ve been inspired to become a lot more self sufficient and jump in to home projects! I just purchased my home that was built in 1920 in central California at the age of 25! I don’t trust myself with a saw yet but I think that’s coming slowly! I’ve done most of my own landscaping with a little help from my mom! The house doesn’t need too much help but it could be so much better! So thank you for the inspiration that some day I will be behind a power saw doing…things that you do with a saw! 🙂

  6. Slippers?!

    I work at a sewing machine and vacuum store. I work e suggested buying one there. Box stores don’t provide service, belts and even bags generally. An appliance service Co might, but from my experience I will pay the extra for a 1-yr parts and labor warranty and a 7-yr overall parts warranty.

    Aside from that, can’t wait to see what you do next. I won’t ever have carpet again after pulling it up a few times and seeing what hides underneath, ESP the pad. No matter how well that vac works and I vac (not my fav chore).

  7. My husband gets on my case all the time for doing things barefoot. I just read this to him and he was visibly cringing. It was fantastic. Thank you for proving that pants and shoes are NOT always necessary for DIY. 😉

  8. When we bought our first house two years ago, we got our picture taken out front by the realtor… then changed inside and ripped all of the carpet out. In the whole house. Two whole floors. Good-bye various colours and heights of ugly shag, hello weeks of pulling tack strips, nails and staples. Because why use one when you can use three? There is a special circle in Hell just for the workman who “fixed-up” my house. Their every room is just off of true and there is dog hair they can never get out of the carpet. Dante has nothing on me.

    So, good decision on your part! Wear sandals.

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