Last spring, right before I moved into the place (and on the exact same day the roof was torn off to replace the shingles, excellent timing) tornadoes blew through the area, one a few miles north, and one a few miles south.

Since then I’ve noticed the tendency for storms to pass on either side of my property…


Maybe it’s just that I can see them better than most with all of these wide open spaces.


(Yes, my barn is really that big. I could fit, like, a thousand donkeys in there. Or an ark.)

This was the view yesterday as I was driving home…


The line of the storm was literally, directly over the house.


It stayed sunny in my yard for pretty much the entire time the storm blew by…


Which is crazy, because people were getting pummeled with hail and sixty mile-per-hour winds not too far away.


I mean, we get pummeled here our fair share too, but I’ll be dammed if we don’t have great seats for the show.


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  1. Those are awesome photos. It’s good to be able to have a break from the pummelling and just watch the show happening elsewhere!

  2. oh, hey, were you wondering about what happened to that big old barn that used to be on your property? Suddenly tornadoes (or even sudden pressure changes and high winds) sound like a probable part of that tale…

  3. Are you ghost camming/scamming us? I expanded the last picture on my iPad and it totally looks like an older guy looking out the window, Creepy! Hopefully it is just power tools or laundry piled in front of the window, lol!

    1. Ha. I’m not opposed to having a ghost in the house, but I think it might be the reflection of the top of the tree in the window…

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