Revisiting Rooms: The Living Room

When people visit the Liberty House for the first time, I have a hard time describing just how, ah, different the living room used to be.


Holy Pink.


It’s hard to believe this is the same room.


Since I’m revisiting some of the rooms inside my actual house this week, it felt fitting to take you guys on a tour of what is simultaneously the most finished and least used room in this house. (Let’s take a wild guess as to whether or not those things are related.)

Over the weekend I finally, finally, got the last two sets of curtains hung on the wall with the bookshelf. You’d think a task like that would take a few minutes, but the exterior walls of this house are plaster skimmed over two layers of brick, so the simple act of anchoring sometime to the wall becomes an epic battle against forces of evil and gravity.

Don’t worry, I only almost fell of the ladder once.

While I love the other rooms in the house sans-window-dressing, the curtains in this room feel exactly right.


While I’d like to take credit for that bit of design brilliance, let’s not fool ourselves here. I build shit, I don’t decorate it. However, one of my very favorite design-bloggers is Jen from Rambling Renovators, and since I trust her style advice implicitly, I emailed her when I was on the brink of curtain-related insanity, and she put together this pinterest board for me. Because she’s amazing.


Technically the curtains would look better floor length, but my ceilings and windows are super tall, so if I go that route I’ll need to have custom curtains made down the line. These work well for now and stay off the baseboard heaters.

I know this room looks so clean you’re actually wondering if this really is my house, but oh wait, look…


A ladder right in the middle of the doorway. Definitely my house.

While I’m planning to get a new couch and some chairs down the road, the bookcase and that cabinet (one of my favorite pieces, salvaged from a friend) are definitely staying. The glass block windoor is definitely going, but I didn’t get to it this summer so it will have to wait until Spring at least.

The one new addition to this room is my old 5-project chalkboard (which was replaced with this, much large one)…


New art for a new room…


My chalkboards speak the truth.

Here’s my list to finish up this room:

  • Remove glass-block windoor and replace with faux 6-panel glass door.
  • Change hardware on door to tool-room
  • New couch/chairs
  • New light fixture
  • Build wood scrap mirror for behind couch

And then maybe I’ll actually sit down in here and relax for a few minutes…


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  1. You hit the nail on the head with the “stay off the baseboard heaters” in regards to the curtains. I understand that puddling floor-length curtains are alltherage, but I wish everyone would instead assess their individual house/look/needs. I, for one, have plaster on brick walls, and radiators underneath every window. I’m weary of explaining to every trendsetter that comes into my home that ‘high and wide’ and ‘gently pooling’ don’t work for my windows when I actually intend on opening and closing the drapes, can’t obscure the radiators and drilling into 80 year old plaster for trendy curtain placement isn’t an option for me.
    Rant over.
    Your curtains are a lovely length for you.

  2. I really like the “slightly strange” blackboard. Would you care if I repost that to some friends on facebook? (I’ll give you credit of course.) Thanks!

  3. I now see some of the explanation to why you get so much work done! I do not see a TV in your livingroom!

    Television is the ultimate time suck for me!

    I would get so much more done if I didn’t have a boatload of stuff recorded on my DVR!

  4. Lovely Kit! Re: your curtains…I’ve seen a lot of design houses that will just sew one more large band in a darker color along the bottom. Easy schmeezie….cheap and it looks designer done! Keep up the great work.

  5. I love that you’re revisiting the rooms in your house. It’s a great way to document your progress and see how far you’ve come (as well as how far you have to go). I have the same dilemma of conveying to people all of the actual work we’ve done and how wonderful the transformation is. I often think that the only people who could appreciate it truly are the past owners… and there’s no way I want them coming back.

  6. That room looks AWESOME. So calm and inviting. I don’t even mind the ladder in the doorway 😉 You pulled the room together beautifully and the curtains are the perfect length. The horizontal line of the baseboard heaters obscures the fact that the drapes aren’t floor length. Good decision! Thanks for the mention 🙂

  7. I like your photos and you have a spacious area. The room with the black couch, is screaming at me. OMG those windows would look incredible with custom built valances, with crown molding and trim. I recommend shadow box wainscot to fill in the areas between the windows. Nice and tall, maybe a smaller square at the top.

  8. That’s a spacious room…a lot your imagination can do in this one. I think you’re doing an amazing job at pulling them all together.

  9. You’re right about the curtains, they go really well with the room you put together and it just feels right. I also love how you did the fireplace!

  10. Wow, such talent! You have inspired me to take a tiling your backsplash class at none other than, Home Depot!! I need the backsplash done in my kitchen and dont have a clue where to begin. Heres to Home Depot!! Your home looks awesome, clean lines, warm and inviting. A little at a time while you enjoy and savor living on the farm.

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