Priorities, With a Side of Chalk

I’m pretty sure my new litmus test for whether or not a project is important is “did I just hand-letter it onto a six foot chalkboard in my hallway?”


What? That’s not normal?

Listen, for the last few months the entire function of this chalkboard was to look pretty and be a smartass (details here), but now it’s time to put it to good use in the epic battle between the forces of Good and Evil Procrastination that plays out in my house every weekend.


Because I don’t have one big project to focus on (ie “renovate the kitchen”… although I need to add that to the list) I’ve managed to collect an inordinate amount of started-but-not-finished projects over the last month or so. And if I’m saying it’s out of control, then trust me, it’s gone far, far beyond the boundaries of sanity.

So I’m reinstating the Five Project Rule with the addition of the really tall chalkboard that I walk by at least a dozen times a day, just to remind me that if it’s not on the list, I’m not allowed to work on it. (Notice how “laundry” is not on that list. Clever of me, eh?)

If squinting at tiny chalkboard writing on that picture doesn’t do it for you, here’s what I’ve got going on:

  1. Finish painting the parlor. I mentioned back when I posted these pictures that November Rain (the color, not the song… but also probably the song) just wasn’t doing it for me, so I went with a white just 25% darker than the trim color. Good news is that I just need to cut in around the ceiling and give the room a second coat…
  2. Finish my sweet-ass laundry room doors. (Yes. I just used the term “sweet-ass”.) I finally found the tiny quarter-round I needed to finish my modifications on these babies, and I need to get them wrapped up because a.) bifold doors make my left eye twitch, and b.) it’s almost too cold for me to work/paint out in the shop.
  3. Assemble the indoor workbench/desk I’ve been working on over the last couple of weeks. It includes barn beams and some 6″ casters. I’ve got all the pieces and parts, and now it’s just putting it all together. And figuring out how to get a 4oo pound table into the house…
  4. Rewire my DIY chandelier. I was so excited to check this off my list this week, and then, bam! sparks from the ceiling. So. Little more work to get that one done.
  5. Patch, prep, stain the parlor floor. You know, so I can actually put furniture in there one day.


Well. Okay. Yes it is, because those are the rules. But I also included this little list at the bottom of the chalkboard so I could be mentally prepping and/or hoarding supplies from Lowe’s to make sure I’ve got everything I need once it’s time to get rolling on them.


Because you know, when it comes to me and projects, the list never really ends…

6 Responses

  1. Great idea – I may need to institute a top five myself. Every once a while I take a good look around and realize that I am living in a combination of a constuction zone and Sanford and Son because nothing ever gets completed before I move on to something else. I am suprised that anyone ever comes over (or that I am not too embarassed to let them!)

    1. I tend to forget what my house looks like to a normal human. Then someone comes over and ten minutes into the visit, I go, oh, sorry about the house I’m working on it 🙂

      1. I’m always tickled pink when I discover there are more people like me with the same kind of issues’ :o) House partially done – check. Long list of projects – check. Can’t wait to start another project – check.

  2. I only have one thing on the “Started Not Done” list (only ’cause finances require it be this way) and since there does not appear to be a weather crisis this weekend (i.e. another hurricane), I will get it done. That said, my “Want To Do” list would fill your board in 10 pt. type! Maybe I can get those prioritized!

    I love the new wall color in the parlor. When you do the inside of the fireplace black, will you do the bricks, too, even though you don’t usually approve of painting brick? Just my opinion, but they’d look nice in black, too! 🙂

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