Things I Didn’t Paint (and yet, there is still paint in my hair)

We’re only two days in, and it’ has already been a week around the Liberty House. I think there has been more impactful progress on the interior house in the last 48 hours than in the last 7 months.

I probably gave you the impression that my weekend was all happiness and awesome basement doors, but the truth is that was just a small side project. The real work was prepping for the painters scheduled to come this week, which meant a lot of hours standing on a ladder, patching ceiling holes and sanding drywall dust directly into my very perfect eyeballs.

You want a drywall challenge?


That’s a long, skinny hole, on the ceiling, on a corner, directly below a radiator pipe filled with scalding hot water. So, you know, this is when you don’t want to eff up with a drywall screw.

I’ve been avoiding this (and about 7 other holes in this ceiling) since I moved in. If I had a superpower it would be procrastinating house projects that I think are going to be way harder than they actually are.

The good news is that I finished texturing the patches at 11PM Sunday night, so that on Monday morning when the painters came we’d be ready to roll. I hired the painters to do 3 things:

  1. Paint the wainscoting, trim, and windows in the Pink Parlor and entryway
  2. Paint the ceiling in the Pink Parlor
  3. Paint the french doors in the entryway

I’m still tackling the actual walls themselves.

So, here’s where we’re at after two days.

The Pink Parlor?


No longer pink.



Technically the walls have been painted for a while, but with the wainscoting primed I feel like the memory of ALL THAT PINK is finally starting to fade. As it turns out though, I don’t love the new paint color on the walls either (BMoore’s November Rain) so I’ll be going a few shades lighter.

Now the entryway (aka worlds biggest hallway, aka the “what the eff do I do with this room” room) was a whole different story. Here’s what it looked like before, with a lot of dark red and honeyed oak…



Well, with the wainscotting and trim primed?


I swear my brain about short circuited from all of that red and white. I just. couldn’t. take it. Meryl and Chris are going to be here Friday to help me hang some wood planks in my upstairs hallway, so what I should have been doing was finishing off the last bit of this…


But instead I did this…


So that explains the paint in my hair, but it’s so worth it not to have to look at eye-searing red anymore. DSC_1797sm

The painters tell me they are going to finish up in another day (since it took two days just to prime all the wood, and they have to do two coats of paint yet, I remain skeptical) but I am stoked to have the walls in these rooms done. You know, because there’s nothing more that I want to do then spend another weekend sanding the crap out of some floors. And the front door. And the stairs.

I do have to say, I felt a little guilty about hiring painters, but I’m still pulling my weight around here with the paintbrush, and getting a huge chunk of work knocked out this week feels awesome.


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  1. Wow. Looks fantastic. I can’t believe the improvement in both rooms. And don’t feel bad about the extra help. Sounds like a smart plan to me. You need to save your energy…never know when you might have a bird/fly colony/squirrel attack, simultaneously.

    1. This was a bad omen… I walked into the closed off master bedroom upstairs today and there was definitely a fly colony invasion up there!

  2. Beautiful rooms! Love the total lightened effect. What color are the foyer walls and did you/are you bringing that color up the stairwell into the hallway…to go with the wood hall ceiling?

  3. The entry looks amazing! It feels so much bigger and more airy without all that heavy red. And thank GAWD the pink parlor is no more!

  4. I swear I heard Hallelujah Chorus when I saw the after pictures!!! It looks amazing! It completely opened up both spaces – made them look bigger and brighter and happier and more 2012. Goodbye 1984!!!!!

  5. That front hall looks so much brighter. Good call on setting aside the planks in favour of a paintbrush. I’m currently picked paint colours and crossing my fingers I don’t have a reaction like you’re currently experiencing with your November Rain.

  6. LOVE the hallway! What a difference! Yes it looks so much lighter and airy as Julie said!

    But please please tell me how you covered that red! Several years ago I decided to paint my big game room with 6 gallons of red paint and I want to get rid of it so badly but I am so intimidated about how I am going to cover it. If it took 6 gallons to paint it I dread thinking how many it will take to cover. I’m thinking of starting with Kilz. Anyone have any other suggestions?

    1. Seriously, red is much harder going on than being covered. What you’re looking at there is one coat of Valspar’s paint+primer in eggshell. I definitely used a good amount of paint on the roller, but coverage was awesome. Fear no red!

      1. Really?! That would be so awesome! I am going to have to go ahead and give it a try!

  7. Those rooms look fantastic. I can’t believe what a difference you’ve made. I love a good transformation.

  8. Wow, the difference in TWBH (The World’s Biggest Hallway) is stunning! So bright and fresh. Excellent call on hiring painters to deal with all the annoying trim!

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