Master of Illusion

This post is like a coin trick. It’s the blogging equivalent of gesturing wildly with my left hand to draw your eye away from the fact that my right hand just slipped that “disappearing” coin into my pocket, and OH LOOK! MAGIC!

Except, OH LOOK! AWESOME STUFF! Like this…

1.) What’s Wrong with Dale? — So, about a year ago I posted an update on country living that included an excerpt from my friend Colby on why everyone should probably have programmable door locks. Colby and I work together, and every once in a while, when I am having a particularly frown-inducing day, I’ll come back to my desk after hours and hours of meetings, and I’ll find a string of messages on my IM telling another “Dale story.” Then everyone within a five desk radius starts looking at me funny because I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. If you need a laugh, check it out. They aren’t PC stories, but if you’re looking for PC, I can’t imagine why the hell you’re on my website in the first place. (Head’s up, Dale! is pretty much my favorite thing to happen on the internet in the last month.)

2.) Dueling DIY – Clash of the Kitchens — Last year, I had a DIY throwdown with Sarah from the Ugly Duckling House (one of my internet besties) in which we talked a lot of shit, drank a lot of beer, and challenged each other to finish our respective staircases. Well, Sarah is at it again with Carrie from Brick City Love (another one person whose DIY adventures I’ve followed for years.) I’m super excited that these two badass DIY chicks are dueling it out and tackling big projects on their list. This time I get to cheer from the sidelines because I’m totally not ready to start a kitchen remodel yet.

3.) Pretty Hand Girl’s Kitchen Remodel – Speaking of kitchen remodels… if you’re looking for a little inspiration, Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl is one of my faves, (and not just because she once invited me up to her hotel room three minutes after we met.) This is my favorite kind of DIY story. The one where a girl starts out doing little projects here and there on her house, and those little projects turn into bigger projects, and those bigger projects eventually turn into an entire DIY kitchen remodel, done by one badass woman. Seriously.

4. ) Rambling Reno’s Epic Ode to Blogging – There are a handful of houseblogs I’ve followed for the last few years, and Jenn from Rambling Renovators is one of them. I don’t read many blogs who do actual “style” related things, so Jenn is pretty much my go-to person when I need style advice. I actually emailed her in a panic about window treatments for the pink parlor once, and the only reason that room looks as good at is does now is because she talked me off the ledge, put a pinterest board together for me, and in general gave me some awesome style advice. This is one of the many reasons I love the internet. She wrote a great post on all of the noise that detracts from the joy of blogging, which is a good gut-check for any of us who pour parts of our lives out on the internet.

As for me, I’ve got some stuff on my plate at the moment… a lot of it centers around needing to leave the farm for a few days, and hyperventilating about leaving the farm for a few days. But since my post on Roadblocks (and all of your awesome comments) I’ve made some progress on a few of those things that were standing in my way, and I’ll tell you all about them soon.

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  1. Great links Kit! Thank-you.

    Good luck with whatever adventure (hopefully a good one) has you leaving the farm. I am sure the menagerie will only punish you a few days for it. Then you will be back to donkey kisses, nugget madness, and the cat ‘helping’ you all over the house.

    After the last post I made a list of all the things I have accomplished since we bought the house last year. Things I never thought I would be able to do.(Tiling. Who knew it was so dangerous? PEX. Who knew it was so easy?)It certainly does offset the panic induced by the list I wrote of all the things I am currently ignoring. (I am sure the living room ceiling is FINE! I mean, maybe it is just fashionably rounded …)

    Enjoy your break!

    1. Trixie, nooooooooo!!!! Is your living room ceiling plaster? Yes? Here’s my experience with ignoring plaster ceiling bulges:

      I had to get a professional plasterer in because I didn’t deal with mine in time. But if the separation isn’t too bad yet(get up there and see how far you can move it upwards), I can definitely recommend the Big Wally’s Plaster Magic. While you’re waiting for it to ship, get that ceiling braced up. You don’t want it on your head.

      (Kit, I hope you don’t mind me responding to Trixie’s comment with a link to my own houseblog. But when somebody says they hope their ceiling is fine, and I suspect that ceiling is plaster, I can’t just stand by and let the chips literally fall where they may.)

  2. Holy crap, I just went to the What’s wrong with Dale post you linked to and I am laughing so hard. Apparently I am not going to get much done today!

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