I Saw That Going Different In My Head: Fieldmouse Edition

Yesterday, while feeding the donkeys in the afternoon, this happened…

When I turned the camera on for the second time, I thought the mouse might have been hiding in the hood of my sweatshirt, so that is genuine effing surprise when I saw him in the camera (which should be evident by the hysterical laughter and fact that my voice goes up about three octaves.)

I made a joke yesterday about 2014 being the year of How Much Shit Can You Handle At Once, and I feel like the Universe, as always, responded in kind… like, yeah, you can do farm chores with a fever, but can you do farm chores with a fever AND A MOUSE ON YOUR HEAD?

Well played, Universe.

And it’s clear that the fever is still affecting my better judgement because if it wasn’t? I probably would have just tipped the grain bin over and let the mouse run out of it.

Well, there you go. Just another day on the farm.

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  1. Well played! It’s my first winter with backyard chickens in CT. It’s cold outside! I thought things couldn’t get any worse, my parents house is in trouble so I’m looking to buy myself. To brighten my day I found my first egg from my light brahma yesterday morning cracked frozen. She laid it on the coldest day in decades! So I was treated to two eggs yesterday! I love how the animals teach us and challenge us to what’s really important when human life sucks.

  2. This made me giggle- thanks!

    Also, you are supremely more badass than I am as a mouse ran through my dining room the other day and I immediately started yelling “SQUIRREL” at the dogs to make them go get it lol

  3. OMG – thank you for quite the chuckle to start my day … did you release him into the wild somewhere or do I not want to know what happened to the cute little vermin 😛 Happy Thursday and I hope the Universe backs off a little bit!


  4. I fucking love you. Seriously. You should charge people a few hundred bucks just to come hang out with you for a couple days. You get an extra pair of chore hands and we get, well, who knows? Donkey hugs at least though.

  5. Awesome! I would never, ever, Ever a) call a mouse “sweetheart”, b) rescue it so I could let it go (therefore allowing it to get back in) or c)own a barn that didn’t also come equipped with a cat. Because mice? Too close to rats, which equals bubonic plague. You are too awesome for words! Also? The chicken love noises were perfect background noise.

  6. Most farmers would immediately start setting mouse traps… you happen to be one after my own heart. Also, I too always say “You’re fine. You’re fine,” when talking to both creatures and babies/small children.

  7. I know that I said this about the raccoon, but it applies to the mouse… I want to knit it a sweater and give it muffins. I could teach it and the raccoon to sing like the Von Trapps and then I wouldn’t need cable TV.

  8. When we were renovating an old farmhouse before friends moved into it (a nine month kind of sabbatical between apartment to house of our own) we ran into lots of mice. There were so many it sounded like a mouse army at night (lots of holes, it had been a ‘summer at the pond’ place for the previous owners. Anyway, one day in the kitchen, a mouse darted across the floor and up my pant leg! I screamed and shook my leg around. We were mean and set traps. I think field mice are cute, but they can go outside, as they spread germs/disease when in a house…

  9. I should have said ‘helping renovate’ there was a group of us working to renovate the house so the one couple to live there could take in foster kids as a kind of ‘ranch’. It wasn’t our house.

  10. I totally thought this was going to end badly, with the nail sticking out of the piece of wood piercing something/someone. Oh, so glad it was all field mouse cuteness!

  11. That was great….but….I would have fed it to the chickens I hate those stinking, destructive little fuckers!

  12. Brings back memories of working at the small county grain elevator… except the little rodents were bigger, but surprising behaved the same except for the added excitement of getting on your head..
    Thanks for sharing!!!!

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