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Mind Over Fever

January 8, 2014 | 12 Comments | Uncategorized
DIY diva

If the first week of 2014 is any indication, this is going to be the year of How Much Shit Can You Handle At Once? A foot of snow? Two? -15 degree temps outside and a 102 degree fever?


Sure. Why not. (This is how the cat and I have been coping with the general level of germs in the house right now… hiding our faces.)

For the last week I was blaming my exhaustion on the holidays and the snow. I’ve never been very good at heeding the warning signs of potential illness and, you know, taking it easy. And then my body is all, “If you don’t sit down right now, I’m going to make you sit down.” Which is always followed by a brief battle of wills and then FEVER.

Body wins every time.

But, as it turns out, being completely unable to regulate your own body temperature does not exempt a person from farm chores or trying to dig your way out of your own property.


Me. Fever. Head condom. Shovel. Snow drifts that are thigh-high.

I would like to be comatose on the couch under fifteen blankets, but the farm is constantly teaching me lessons about preference vs. ability. Turns out you can do a lot of things, even if you don’t necessarily want to. Shoveling three feet of snow out of the way to get to the tractor is one of them.

Since I don’t have any better stories for you today than fevers and snow– and that’s a depressing note to end on– I’ll leave you with this…


Donkeys opening Christmas presents.

Farm life is totally worth it. Even with a fever.

DIY diva


  • GG

    OMGOMGOMG those donkeys will make anything better!! Every time!!

    For what it’s worth, my mom swears by shoveling as a home remedy. She tells me her theory about breaking fevers by shoveling snow EVERY SINGLE WINTER.

  • carrie @ brick city love

    I have a friend that bundles up in a million layers to raise his body temp until the fever breaks. He swears by it. I’d rather pop some pills & sleep. Luckily I don’t have donkeys that need me or 3 feet of snow to deal with. FEEL BETTER!!!!

  • Jessica@CapeofDreams

    At lest you have a cat to snuggle you when you are feeling poorly! Hope you get better soon.

  • Sarah In Illinois

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well, and farm chores can’t be put on hold. Do only the necessities and then sleep ever minute you can!

  • Tara

    Hope you feel better soon! Until then, bask in the warm glow that fuzzy donkey faces bring!

  • Susan

    God they are so cute, the donkeys of course! I hope you fell better soon!

  • Leslie

    I’ve been curious about the cold wet sock treatment. Not sure if it works, but certainly intriguing.

  • Brenda

    Hoping your fever/illness is gone by now. I wish I had room for donkeys…or a husband that would allow us to get donkeys. I don’t have either. But my American Bulldog is super cute, so I don’t feel too bad. Until I see your donkey pics, then I want one all over again.

  • Uajay

    So, why are you wearing Head Condom instead of Ninja Mask? Ninjas>Condoms.

    • Kit

      It’s five times the thickness, and it was negative fifteen when I was shoveling. No one wants to be a ninjacicle.

  • Dale Murley

    God bless people like you. Praying that through this post, you will inspire more people.

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