2014: A Bigass List and Other Philosophical Things

Actually, that was a lie. There are no philosophical things in this post. This is mostly just a token update about how I checked all of my “Winter” projects off my list already this year.


Yeah. That’s right. (Note: The frowny face is not actually next to the “naps” item, it’s next to the “have a bigass party at the farm” item that I didn’t actually do this year.)

And then, since I’d already taken ALL THE NAPS, I decided to update my bigass chalkboard with another bigass list for the coming year.


Here’s how I closed out 2014.


I did pretty good with outdoor and farm projects, not so good with things inside the house because even after a decade I haven’t learned that the small “three weekend” bathroom remodel is really going to take me three months. It always takes me three months, and yet… I’m still blindly optimistic every time I pick up a hammer.

I suspect if I wasn’t I’d have given up long ago, so I don’t give myself too much shit for it.


Anyway, one of the things I realized when I was planning out my list for 2015 is that I learned a lot in the last year. I mean, like, there may have been a disproportionate number of life lessons in 2014, which could explain why it didn’t feel like the most awesome year ever… learning is like that sometimes, especially when you insist on doing it the hard way. (Which I pretty much always do.)

There are so many things I would have done differently in the last year, and even though it wasn’t a bad year– I mean, I didn’t get struck by lightning, or abducted by aliens, or lose any of my fingers to an unfortunate power tool accident– it was still pretty exhausting. And if I tried to wrap all those lessons up in one post, it would be a novel and you’d get to read it sometime in June, so, instead, I’ll be posting about them periodically throughout January (or else all in the next week, depending on how things go… you never can tell how easy it will be to write coherent sentences.) But, in the meantime, here’s my 2015 list.


I’m reinstating the 5 project rule, although it was hard to come up with five actual projects I have going on right now, so I may need to rethink this a bit.


I’ve got a few new plans for the garden in 2015 (more to come on that later)…


And I’ve tried to keep my “do this shit” list to a manageable level. Which I also thought I did last year, so who knows…


You many notice some new fun and exciting additions to the farm on this list. I’ve been collecting the gear that goes with them…


Real things that happen in my dad’s kitchen. But really, that deserves it’s own post.

The bottom line here, is that even though I wouldn’t call 2014 a great year, there was still so much to be grateful for. I appreciate all of the shit I got done, all of the time I got to spend with good people, all of the things that inspired me, all of the times the animals made me laugh, and all of the sunsets I got to watch in my own back yard. This was the last of them…


And now I’m fully ready to embrace all of the projects, stores, and unexpected adventures of a new year. Thanks for being here to share it all with!


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  1. Bees! Bees kick ass! That’s a very exciting prospect. They’ll be a great addition to your farm *nods*. Is that another tattoo peaking out your shirt? I thought you only had the feather. Very cool. Love the feather. Happy New Year!

  2. I am excited to hear about the bees. I would like to get some someday but I think I will let you do it first and read all your posts to learn more about it before I attempt it.

  3. Hey! Excited to see your bee adventures. So many new and fun things ahead. If you haven’t ordered your bees yet get on it or they’ll be gone. I’d go with a nuc

  4. Are some of those crops for beer brewing? We’ve been kicking around the idea of growing those. Love that you are going to be a bee keeper!!

  5. Yum,homegrown honey! Glad someone will raise bees. I’m allergic enough to stings to not take it on. I will never stop loving that honkin’ big chalkboard! I will someday find room for one of those! Happy New Year, Kit! Looking forward to learning more from you in 2015!

  6. That must be some goooooood brew! Just look at the smile and to heck with eyeshadow on the other eye lol! (Just brush your bangs to the other side,no big deal) Cheers! Pass some of that over here 😉

  7. I’m totally doing bees this year also. I finished an organic bee-keeping workshop and am building my top bar hives. Now I just need to get the BEES. That step, for some reason, is the hardest part.

  8. Bees!! Yes! I have wanted to get bees! I can not WAIT to hear about your experience!

  9. I love your to do list! It’s inspiring to see ideas on a regular basis “on paper” as opposed to having apps and to do lists online or on my phone. The top 5 idea is so important because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed with shifting priorities and a long list!

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