Upstairs Bathroom Progress: The Beer Edition

I’d like to make a public service announcement about sanding ceiling drywall without wearing safety glasses…



Also, the t-shirt-as-a-dust-mask is not recommended, but it is convenient. I always have a t-shirt on hand, but dammed if I can ever find a dust mask.

I am so OSHA-approved.

Anyway, PPE aside, bathroom drywall is… ongoing/neverending. But remember when I ended up tearing most of a wall out of the bathroom?


And then managed to create the ugliest patch of ceiling drywall ever imagined?


I’ve mostly smoothed that out.


One or two more coats and I should have this wrapped up (thank god.)

And I really should have done more tile board this weekend, but I got distracted… by beer. And also, painting.


Remember the door and drawer-fronts I bought a few months ago for the bathroom vanity? I decided it would be good for my soul to have them painted and ready-to-install. Which means I also masked off the cabinet bases…


And then spray-primed them without proper ventilation. Because beer.


Things are starting to come together.

If you’ll remember, when I first bought the place, it looked like this…


And then I did some minor upgrades that included smashing the original sinks with a hammer… and eventually ended up here.


In retrospect I probably should have scrapped the granite counter, taken out those ridiculous mismatched cabinets, and put in a real vanity. But. That’s not what I did, so we’re going to make this work…


I’ve decided to try and devote just one hour a day to this project for the rest of the month. I tend to think that anything less than a three or four hour block of time is worthless, but even the worst parts of last weekend taught me that I can make some progress with just an hour.

So. An hour a day. That’s doable…

(I tend to hold myself accountable for that kind of thing through facebook and instagram, so stay tuned this week for updates.)

My goal is to finish the vanity and get the bath prepped for tile this weekend (which means more tile board, mudding the seams, and putting a waterproof coating over the entire surround.)

I can handle that in the next five days, right?!


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  1. The only way I get anything done anymore is my internal mantra, “Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps.” Keep it up! You inspire me to just get in there and get it done. So thank you for sharing your journey!

  2. You are indeed an inspiration Kit. I once flipped a split foyer duplex on a limited investment with both vanities being odd sizes and fir or birch plywood with yucky wood drawer glides, which made me cringe. On my very slim budget, installed solid oak rail and stile fronts, vaneer oak plywood sides that show and retrofitted ball bearing drawer glides. Upgraded by 25 years…ha!
    Your bath project is progressing nice, don’t skimp on the PPE 🙂

  3. I make the one hour deal with myself all the time….

    ….”just up get off your crippled ass and go work on something for ‘one hour’, you can do one hour then you can laze again.”

    It often turns into a several hours..and even if it only last 20 minutes, it’s amazing how much I might get done.

  4. Yep!! Like my mom used to say: “How do you eat an elephant?? One bite a time!” You’re making progress!! I personally like mismatched things, it adds character and makes me feel like I’m not so much of a matchy-matchy control freak

  5. Its so crazy how long house projects can take compared to what you imagined (or hoped).

    We knocked out some short retaining wall to make a concrete slab for trash cans etc and that literally took months. Largely because we had to get rid of the excess dirt and the only way to do that around here is throwing some out every week with the trash service.

    So much work for a very unappealing project 🙂

  6. Even if you applied the UFYH 20/10 rule here, it would be good progress! That plan helps me a lot when I’m feeling overwhelmed by stuff! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the tiling 🙂

  7. New to your blog and LOVE it. I once was forced to the ER while building my hound a dog house. Ended up with a scratched cornea and an eye patch for a week. Call me stupid but I still don’t always wear safety glasses.

    Keep at it!

  8. Ha! I feel your pain. My husband and I are great at procrastination on our bath update.

    Please show us how you hang the new cabinet door hinges and which ones you use. We have the same face frame vanity cabs and we need to replace the doors. There are so many types of hinges I don’t know which ones to buy/install.
    Thanks! Maria

    1. I completely agree! I am thinking of replacing the doors on our bathroom vanity and haven’t figured out what hinges to buy. There are WAY too many options and poor descriptions out there.

  9. Good luck! I always try to take things one day at a time. If I got something done that day, good! Even if it wasn’t all I planned on getting done, I still chipped at it.

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