The Definition of Unfinished

This is the current state of my indoor workbench…


It’s a pretty good metaphor for my life. Little bit of awesome, lot unfinished…

I used to put myself under a lot of pressure to deal with unfinished things, and, honestly, there are lots of good reasons to do that. Like when you’re living in a garage and need to get the house you’re building livable before you lose your sanity, for example. (Been there, done that.) Or when you need to get a fence installed because your stubborn asses are escaping every day

So, you know, it’s really easy to start to mistake unfinished for bad.

But when I looked at my workbench on the day I snapped that picture, I realized that I really kind of love having unfinished things around. There’s something comforting in a space that is cluttered and filled with projects that I could pick up any moment I feel like drawing or painting or making something.

Right now, for example, I could work on…

More tiny planets:


There are already a bunch hanging up in my office, but I’m always adding more.

Also, painted saws:


(“I’ll cut you bitch” is one of my favorite jokes, from one of my favorite bearded ex-boyfriends… you have to zoom in on the picture to get it though.)

My watercolor birds are also taking up quite a bit of workbench real estate:


I’ll probably make one more and call the series done, but given my hit-or-miss watercolor skills, that might take a few tries.

And, also Impossible things:


I should totally add “finishing projects” somewhere on there…

I mean, I do occasionally finish things. Like I finished building the actual workbench all of this fun takes place on…


Actually. Bad example. I don’t think I ever bolted the top on to this thing… now that I mention it.

That’s cute. It was kind of a joke but its actually possible I never legitimately finish things. A psychiatrist would probably have a field day with that, but, shit, let’s not pretend that’s the craziest thing about me either…

The craziest thing might just be that I like it.

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  1. Well that goes well with how house projects generally go. They drag on forever and they’re never really finished. Seems like that’s why you and projects go well together. There’s always something more calling your name 🙂

    1. The clinical term is EPD or End of Project Disorder…. My personal belief is that once the challenges have been overcome, boredom sets in and it’s off to the next bit of excitement!!

  2. Bask in the comfort of a hot bubbly tub of relaxation sipping slightly chilled wine, knowing your bathroom was upgraded /redone the right way and as you designed it…by you. As you wrote earlier, it takes a wee bit of creative craftsmanship to meld the old full dimentional lumber to todays sizes. I do believe you will indeed finish soon.
    Impossible things…too many tools….too much time to design n build/create
    We are funny creatures at times and all
    works in progress….
    Happy Valentines Day

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