Victory Lap: Year Three

Three years ago, on the day I officially closed on this house, I started a fun little tradition of having a glass (or two) of champagne on my porch and then walking the perimeter of the property.


This might be the only legit tradition I have in this house (unless you count my monthly tradition of not washing my dishes for so long that I end up eating my oatmeal out of a measuring cup, which…on second thought, let’s definitely not count that) and what I didn’t realize three years ago, when the property looked like this…


Is that typically in early March, the property looks like this…


So, what I thought was going to be a fun little jaunt around the property this time every year, has become more of an hour-long trudge through snow.


A pretty trudge through the snow, but still.

And if that isn’t an accurate metaphor for my journey in this house so far, I don’t know what is.

When I hit a yearly milestone like this I also have a knee-jerk reaction of wanting to start listing out all the things I have and haven’t done on the house (which is probably why these milestones also involve alcohol) but I try to save this particular day for just being grateful.

Oh, well, and also for this…


That’s right. Three years in, and I can now carry a chicken and a glass of champagne with one arm.

Farm Level: Expert.

And then as soon as I’m done being a little nostalgic I’m going to revisit this big list (another yearly tradition that requires alcohol consumption.)

In the meantime, thanks to all of you for stopping by and following along on my adventures.

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    ditto on the light weight snow shoes, especially w/all the snow you get there.

  2. Does the chicken kind of function as ballast? To keep you steady with champagne in one hand and a chicken in the other?

    We look forward to the list. We all have lists. Only mine, at least, are not as impressive.

  3. Congratulations! Happy farm-iversary. I still mark our anniversary by our experience in year 1, and somehow I keep expecting clear ground and mild temperatures. I love your tradition of the walk–or the trudge. Enjoy year 4!

  4. Do any of your critters follow you on your yearly jaunt around the property? Like señor cat? Happy 3 year anniversary! I think you deserve some cake! *nods*

  5. Happy Anniversary Kit!You’re Doing awesome. Hoping you take the bottle along with you, that’s some hike in the snow 🙂

  6. I totally envy you that space… and the chickens! 🙂 I also love to walk the perimeter of my property, but it only takes me about 30 seconds. But it is MINE.

    Totally random comment: when I read this blog on my phone, I can see a “previous post/next post” button – but on both my work and home computers, no such button. Very odd!

    1. You know that must be a part of the new mobile plugin I’m using (it’s a completely different look/theme) and I *totally* need a next/back button on these pages for a regular browser, but I just haven’t made the time to dive into the code. I’m sorry, I know it’s a pain in the ass.

      1. At least now I know you know about it, and I’m not completely insane… Well, at least not for this particular reason! I definitely love the bottoms when I read on my phone, and they will be great when someday in all of your abundant spare time you add them to the regular browser version. 🙂

  7. Happy Anniversary, Kit! Thank you for inviting us all along on this journey. Yeah….snow….I’m in CT and tired of walking like a penguin to stay upright on the ice!

  8. I was reading a post you wrote about building your pergola (I plan to build one this summer, so thanks for the research) and apparently your neighbors across the fence tried to tempt you with shots of some kind, and you said something to the effect of how you declined because power tools and alcohol don’t mix. I laughed so very hard. Young Kit is adorable.

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