Quick & Dirty Farm Update

Quick and dirty basically describes every aspect of my life right now. And I know last week I promised a quick update on the garden progress (I actually wrote that sentence and then went back and looked at the last time I posted, and that was a big fat lie) okay, fine, two weeks ago I promised a quick update on the garden progress, and that is the perfect example of how life has been going lately. I don’t even know what week it is.

I have been trying my damnedest to manage all of the things, and by “manage” I mean I’m a little stressed out so I’ve been spending a lot of time drinking beer and carrying on conversations with my chickens.


Hey. It works.

I’ve been drafting versions of this post for the better part of a week now, some of which were significantly longer than this and just effing horrible to read, so for the sake of doing what I said I would do–and not torturing you guys with a lot of poorly chosen words in the process–here’s a quick and dirty farm update…























Gotta get back to it, guys, but hopefully next time I check in I’ll have more coherent things to say and a dozen fruit trees planted in the back field.

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  1. Hi, Kit,

    Glad to see you got the Glass Gem fron Native Seed SEARCH! As you know I had great success with them, and I can’t wait to see how yours turn out from my new garden in Scotland! Good luck!

    1. I sure that I got the recommendation for that corn from Bonafide farm! Still following your adventures in Scotland, and it looks like you’re having an amazing time there!

  2. If I was accomplishing 10% of what you’re doing, I would have opened the bottle of choice! I’m guessing there are times that farm life won’t allow you to slow the pace without dire consequences – enjoy the sunsets every.stinking.day!

  3. I like the one word descriptions with pics, and nice shirt in the first pic. I kind of now feel like watching star trek reruns.

  4. No matter how busy you get, please know that those of us toiling in cube farms all day look for any news of your farm adventures and your journey of following your dream. We all dream of succeeding at half of what you manage to accomplish. So blog or picture blast when you can,. Don’t stress about delayed blogging. We are raising our glasses to your adventures and wish we could all join you for a sunset beverage at the end of a productive day! Carry on!

    1. I hear you, since I also toil in a cube-farm all week long! The sunsets definitely make all that time indoors worth it though. 😉

  5. Hehe, seriously, this post was great!

    And if it means you can post more often (more quickly, more easily) by just showing a picture and a one word descriptor, then go for it!! Call it “The Weekly Quick and Dirty”. 😀

  6. Kit,

    Have you thought of fencing off your big grass field for donkey pasture or having it hayed for winter feed? Custom baling is cheaper than buying hay. My midwestern frugality has a hard time seeing all that grass go unused!

    1. The part I was mowing actually is the pasture… still requires mowing though because, as someone else so eloquently put it, “miniature donkeys get fat off air.”

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