A Week Without Lists

Otherwise known as VACATION. Right? I have this week “off work” which is a bit of a misnomer when you live in a half-torn-up house on a farm. I’m not off “work” I’m just off my day-job for a week… but you can bet your ass I’m still working.

I’m working on things that really, really needed to get done around here, like a full deep-clean and re-organization of the animal barn and chicken coop…


Nugs are digging it…


And getting the trim painted and ready to be installed on the barn…


And painting the existing “trim”…


My mom has also jumped in and continued the massive organizing streak she started in the garage, and has also tackled the master bedroom/upstairs tool room (why yes, I do currently have an entire 3-car garage, a downstairs bedroom, and an upstairs bedroom all designated for tools.)


Things haven’t been this clean and organized around here for years. Maybe not ever.

I’ve also got–no exaggeration–eleven gallons of various paints and primers (for both indoor and outdoor projects) to keep myself busy over the next few days, regardless of the weather.

BUT, here’s what I don’t have: A list.

I mean, listen, I always have lists… obviously. And those lists always contain more things that one girl can possibly get done in a given period of time (even though I still always believe I will get all of the things done. Without help. It’s weird, I know.) A lot of times that keeps me organized and pushes me to do more, but there’s a fine line between the motivation I get from those lists and creating anxiety that actually makes me less productive.

It’s been a long time since I took time off from my day job and stayed around the farm with no real plan of what I wanted to get done… like… that’s probably never happened, actually.

So, I decided the only rule for this “vacation” is to spend equal amounts of time working on projects that I feel like working on, and just enjoying being on the farm…


I’m taking lessons from the cat on that last one…

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  1. If I have too many things on my to-do list I’m more likely to go take a nap than accomplish any of them!

    Staycations are great for getting big jobs out of the way, but I hope you get a chance to enjoy that lovely patio while you’re off.

  2. Having your Mom around seems to be a great motivator.
    Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. Tomorrow is another day.

  3. I’ve tried a new philosophy (sometimes) this summer, and I highly recommend it. 1) Go and do one job (trim a tree, weed a flower bed, put up a section of fence). 2) Go and lay on the hammock with a book and read one chapter. Repeat until done (book or work). It’s a good way to enjoy your home/yard and also get some stuff done.

  4. Sometimes I make it a point not to make a list. It seems that when there is so much to do that you get overwhelmed, it is easier to just start with what you see that needs to be done, doing it, and going from there. Like you though, I do keep a running list of projects and ideas for the house/outdoors. It is not like I remember to write everything down anyway, or that my ADD does not kick in and I get off track so to speak.

  5. I love that outdoor table. *grabby hands* Was there ever a tutorial for that one? If there was, ignore my lack of attention span.

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