Locked Down (These doors were SO worth it.)

Add “getting up to install hardware on my new solid wood doors” to the list of things I will willingly get up before 7AM to accomplish. That list also includes 1.) Getting newly released Harry Potter books, and 2.) eating chocolate chip pancakes.

Everything else in life can wait until after 7:30.


I know, I just did the Month 3 wrap up and had to confess to being 10% over budget because of things like totally splurging on solid wood doors, so I should feel properly contrite. But hell, I’d give up having a kitchen for a whole year, just to get to walk in these doors every day.


(Please ignore the ultra classy toilet on our front porch. We don’t live in the country for nothing you know.)


From the study to the veranda.


The doors on both ends of the mudroom are these matching craftsman style doors.


I was wondering if we shouldn’t have put another glass door here, but I think I like the symmetry.

If you were to walk in that door above, this is the view of the mudroom looking to the “front” of the house.


And from the other side.


I wasn’t sure if there would be enough light, but I’m satisfied.

Between 7-8:30 this morning and my lunch hour I managed to get three handles and a dead-bolt on. (How to keep people out– by installing new locks– tutorial, here. ) I’m an old-hand at this now…

And now the house is locked up tight, which means it’s time for fun things like plumbing! And electric! The excitement of home-building is never ending.

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  1. I LOVE me some solid wood doors. Front doors in our neighborhood are a big deal, everyone has such GREAT doors so when we got ours (which was a hollow-core door when we inherited the house, eugh) I was SUPER stressed (and nervous for the price). But we have an awesome salvage place here in the Bay so we were able to get a super cool one for only around $250, SCORE!

  2. Love, love, love those doors! Where did you get them? They are just what we had in mind when we get around to redoing the exterior.

    1. Robin – These are Pella’s pre-finished, all-wood doors. We kind of bought them on the fly because I was just casually looking at pricing in Lowe’s and they were running a 15% off sale that was ending that day. If this is the route you go, I’d definitely start looking for places that have deals.

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