Donkey… or Kangaroo? You decide.

This weekend MysteryMan caught a peculiar sight on camera.

At first it looks like a plain old miniature donkey. Not a strange sight around these parts…


This one appears to want a taste of that willow tree.


The old head-between-the-fence trick doesn’t appear to be working. And that’s when the strangest thing happened.


Our donkey decided she was not a donkey after all…


Stood up on two legs…


And hopped closer to the tree.



On two legs.

The donkey.

I guess the moral is: Never underestimate the power a bunch of green foliage can have on a four legged animal.

2 Responses

  1. How cute! And what a smart ass. LOL, sorry, couldn’t resist a donkey pun, but really, that was a smart move. 😉

    1. I CANNOT believe I didn’t use the word smartass in the title or post somewhere. I need to stop writing these things after midnight! Good call Aimee.

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