Move In Progress: Seven Weeks and Counting…

It’s hard to believe that it has been five weeks since I started the move-in countdown, but time starts moving in kind of crazy ways when you live in a garage. For instance, I would gauge the time it takes to get from one end of the unheated part of the garage to the refrigerator at he other and back (barefoot and in pajamas) to be somewhere around eternity. But it feels like surprisingly less that thirty days that I’ve been falling into bed half covered in paint and clumps of drywall after working on the walls for hours.

Because it’s not a great time for progress shots (who really wants to see a half-painted wall?) here’s a look at my move-in list progress:


January deserves a high-five, since we accomplished most of the things on that list without the prescription drugs. We’re only waiting a few more weeks to purchase the doors because the piggy bank is still recovering from the beating it took with the tile purchases.


  • Tiling the shower, master bath, and full bath tub surround
  • Priming and painting the master bed/bath, full bath, and laundry room
  • Installing both bathroom floors

It seems like I’ve put in a lot of hours of work to only get to check half a bullet off of this list. Hold on…

  • Pick out paint for bedroom
  • Pick out paint for full bath
  • Pick out paint for master bath
  • Texture walls in bedroom
  • Texture walls in full bath
  • Texture walls in master bath
  • Paint full bath
  • Paint half of Master bedroom

Okay, I feel better. And yes, I do occasionally indulge in a little “list inflation” to keep my spirits up for the 437 more hours of staring at walls in my near future. You know you write stuff on your lists just to check it off right away too.

I expect the full bath will be done by the end of the month, but I’m not holding out much hope for the master bath since I’ve almost completely given up on finding an appropriate floor tile. I am probably going to be an over-achiever and finish the shelving in the master closet this month though.


  • Installing all bathroom cabinets, and possibly some kitchen cabinets
  • Installing bedroom floors and trim (which might mean planing down all the flooring we tore out of the old living room)
  • Installing bathroom trim
  • Building custom shelves for the master closet
  • A very. thorough. cleaning.

Oh, March, you just can’t come soon enough. And not just because our little space heaters can only barely keep up with the negative eight temps out here.


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  1. “You know you write stuff on your lists just to check it off right away too.” I literally laughed out loud at this. Yeah, I’m guilty. And since I usually suffer from paint-picking-paralysis, I fully support you adding each room’s choice as a separate bullet point.

  2. Um I totally expand lists to cross things off! Don’t worry you’re only half way through with February and it’s a shorter month anyways so you can’t compare the two.

    What are you looking for tilewise for the master floor? Is this the room with taupe tile? I’m guessing you’d want something that contrasts that tile slightly. Any idea on tile shapes/sizes? The plank styles (either hardwood looking or just plain colors) are very in right now and I’ll got quotes on some of those if you’d like to know the general price range.

  3. Sometimes I do the write down/cross off list thing to make me feel better; sometimes I just do whatever it is because writing out the list takes too damn long!

    KitLiz, I just found this page of construction jewelry from Jamestown Distributors and immediately thought of you:

    Something like this is totally what Mystery Man should get you to celebrate your passing the contractor’s exam. And there’s even stuff on there for him, too.

    Too funny!

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