DIY House Addition: Month 11 Wrap Up

Whew. We’re rapidly approaching a year of construction on the Memorial House, and isn’t it crazy how time flies when you’re covered in dirt uh, having fun? If you’ve got sharp eyes you may have noticed a little something different on the exterior of the house this month, which is the first time we’ve made progress on something outside of the house since we entered the sixth ice age up here back in October.

Here’s what it looked like in January:


Yes, there is way less blizzard going on, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Check it out…


When I was driving all over two states a few weekends ago, trying to find my brain, MysteryMan put the not maroon cedar beams in place.

So that’s exciting. Here’s what else has been going on in the last two months.

Month 11 Progress: Colors, Tile, Trim & Floors

There have been some great strides in finishing the master bedroom and master bath, including picking paint colors and doing something awesome with this window:



The grays:


I tasked MysteryMan with building the closet-shelves-made-out-of-plumbing-parts, which required enough math that even his engineer brain almost exploded. But it’s looking awesome, and if only we had a floor in there we could put it together and store our clothes somewhere other than the garage.
And speaking of floors, the full bath has one:


It also has this beach inspired rustic wall (plus a few more boards):


And a little tile:


It’s not done, but it is a far far sight better than what it used to be.

memorial house 007

Yep, same bathroom. And hey, all we had to do was tear out all the fixtures, drywall, flooring, and miscellaneous closet, and then rebuild it all. Story of my life.

Month 11 Injury Report: Does Food Poisoning Count?

Hey, all my fingers and toes are present and accounted for, and I’m no worse for wear unless you count another layer of skin peeled off my hands from not wearing gloves when mixing thinset for the tile, and the fact that I almost died from the flu. Or guacamole food poisoning. A person shouldn’t be able to die from guacamole, so the jury is still out on what caused the 24 hours of hell, but I’ve made a full recovery thank you. Thus concludes the one day I alloted myself for sickness in 2011.

Month 11 DIYed and Didn’t: I Should Get A Gold Star For This

For the whole first half of this project I would like to think I pulled my weight and then some (considering I’m the one who washed the dishes out of a spigot in the back yard for a couple of weeks), but I wasn’t the MVP of the building projects, which always went to MysteryMan, or the professionals, or our electrician friend. But give me a house full of unfinished drywall, floors that need to be installed, tile that needs to be laid, and oh boy, am I in my element.

Here’s what I tackled myself:

  • Texturing the walls in the master bedroom and both baths
  • Priming and painting the bedroom and both baths
  • Trimming and staining the window in the master bedroom
  • Installing the full bath floor
  • Installing the full bath tile

Here’s what MysteryMan did:

  • Building the closet shelves
  • Framing in the area for the tub in the master bath
  • Installing the porch posts

This is what we used the “pros” for:

  • Finishing up some electrical work (and does it really count as professional help if we pay our Chief Electrician in beer?)

Here’s to hoping we round off the year by actually finishing a couple of rooms.

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  1. I stumbled onto your blog a few months ago and love watching the progression of your house being built. I don’t know what I’m loving more about this update – the two way fire place or the plumbing closet system. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh my god Andy, I wish. The computer was in the house as we set up the cable internet and wireless router, but it’s back to it’s place in the garage now! I have a little bit farther to go before we have a working bathroom in the house which will be key to moving in 😉

  2. Gray master colors – Love. I’ve recently considered changing my master bedroom plans to a gray paint color instead.

    Tell MM he did a great job on that closet system! Leave it to an engineer to calculate all of that. Is MM one of those Pie Day celebrators? I came across this cartoon today and it made my laugh:

    That full bath is really coming together! I didn’t realize the painted white wood was in that room too. Two of the inspiration pictures I sent you in one room…boy I really influenced that room! Just let me know when you are going to name it after me, LOL. ; )

    Congrats on all the progress!

    1. Robin, I love your cartoon and comment about pi day. I was actually born on pi day – plus I’m an engineer and Einstein shares my birthday. I know…I’m a super nerd!

    2. Hahaha. You know what MM does not celebrate Pi Day, but my mom the middle school math teacher does! I get a call every year.

      Also, yes, that bathroom definitely needs to be named after you. I don’t know where I’d be right now without your awesome inspiration pics!

      1. Ha ha Kristy you’re not a super nerd you’re an enginerd! I’ll admit I’m one too. My co-workers are trying to convince me to make a pie for Monday. My husband works with an engineer who prides himself in being the last guy on that cartoon.

        Well the next time I’m driving through Michigan I’ll have to stop over and test out the bathroom. That is if you ever get it done! *wink*

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