This Is Getting Ridiculous

[UPDATE: Everyone, you need to click on the comments link after you read this post and see the song that Holyoke Home wrote for me. Sheer. Awesome.]

If you’re wondering how long two grown adults can survive in a 400 square foot garage… I think we’re rapidly approaching the answer to that question. It’s been ten whole months so far and as mouse fun filled as they’ve been, we were pretty excited back in January when we made the decision to move into the house in March.

And then all of the sudden it’s like, “Hi March, how’s it going? Nice to see you so soon.”

We’ve recently been debating if it’s better to getthehellout of the garage as soon as humanly possible, or delay our move-in date for a few weeks so we can get the floor in the bedroom first. I’ve got no problem living with the subfloor for a while, but it might be nice to only have to move the furniture in once.

The garage wouldn’t be so bad really, if it wasn’t for two things:


And box-elder bugs


I’ve told enough mouse-stories on this website in the last year that I should probably have a category called “Four AM Mousecapades”. The box elder bugs were just a general annoyance right up until the moment last night when one crawled into MysteryMan’s ear and he reflexively crushed it leaving him with the awesome task of digging bug guts out of his ear for the next hour.

That makes for a fun time at 2:30 in the morning.

A couple of weeks ago there was the random (and surprising) appearance of a dead mouse on a dinner plate not ten minutes after MysteryMan had eaten off of it, which I suspect the cat had some part in. And the mouse hunt earlier this week which resulted in the discovery of an entirely different mouse than the one we were looking for who’d wedged himself into the electrical outlet behind our mini-fridge and got zapped.

MysteryMan has been handling all of this much better than you would expect for someone who once found a decapitate mouse head stuck to the bottom of his foot. I mean, we’re just taking each day as it comes around here and both of us were willing to wait it out until the bedroom floor was in.

And then about a week ago the skunk that lives in one of our ditches apparently decided that our gas station was its moral enemy and has been waging war on it every couple of days in the middle of the night. Yeah.

Do you think the universe is trying to tell us something?

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  1. Sounds like you are living the dream!!!

    Are you finished enough for a Certificate of Occupancy? Not sure of the rules in other states – but that is what is needed in FL before you can get utilities turned on & move in.

    Everything is looking fabulous and I hope you are feeling better. Hope you have some of our weather over the weekend (70’s & sunny) – I’ll send good thoughts your way (since I have no pull with the weatherman).


    1. In MI you can actually get a temporary certificate of occupancy as long as you have a bathroom with a door, and a temporary kitchen (basically a working sink) somewhere.

      Since this was technically a renovation and not a new construction, the utilities never got turned off, so we could probably pull off moving in without the CO for a while, but once one bathroom is done, we’ll basically be ready for temp certificate anyway!

  2. Maybe a little song would cheer you up?

    Whiskers on donkeys and tools that are shiny.
    Working with someone who isn’t too whine-y.
    Sad little winters that melt into spring,
    These are a few of my fav-or-ite things.

    When the mice die.
    When those bugs fly.
    When I’m feeling ‘ack’.
    I simply remember my favorite things,
    And then I’m less likely to attack.

  3. Exactly how fast can you get the bedroom floor in? If not fast enough….move the heck in and say “Hasta la vista” to the mice!

  4. HH- love the song – made me laugh!
    Diva – you absolutely deserve, yes DESERVE, an award for putting up with the shit you have, all for the sake of DIY! I think you have redefined the term DIY. Maybe you should get a show and call it ‘XTreme DIY!’ – you could even add an expletive in there somewhere! Like ‘XTreme @#$ DIY!’. What do you think?
    Your stamina and enthusiasm continues to amaze. And your tilework and your framing techniques and your general awesomeness, too!
    Good luck and keep posting – love reading about you and MM!

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