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The Temporary Farm House

November 20, 2011 | 13 Comments | Farm House Rental
DIY diva

The price of this weekend was five new extra-large bruises, one broken UHaul truck, and a brand new place to live. If you’re wondering what the hell happened to the old place, believe me, about six 0’clock yesterday I was asking the same question. You know, the old house with the master bathroom that had a heated tile floor, swimming-pool sized tub, and fireplace?

Yeah, definitely a far cry from this.


Those are pink plastic tiles, by the way.

Since I’m only renting this house for six months while I build a new place, the pink tiles are gonna stay. The rest of the house isn’t half bad, in fact, the kitchen kind of reminds me of the Memorial House kitchen, pre-renovation.


Which, actually, now that I think about how many cubic feet of mouse droppings I found in the Memorial kitchen, it probably explains why I staunchly refuse to put anything I cook with in the those cabinets.

Just through the kitchen is the living room.


It’s actually not a bad size or layout, but it was a little musty since the house had been sitting empty.


Luckily I have plenty of experience with stinky houses, so I walked into this one armed and ready for battle.


Actually, the first thing I usually do to a house is tear out the carpet (right after any pink plastic tiles) so basically this entire weekend has been an exercise in self-control and not demolishing things.

So far so good. I did put a coat of paint (matched to Benjamin Moore Moonlight White) on most of the walls thought. Say what you will about VOCs, they’re the next best thing to sawdust to freshening up a room. Speaking of which… why hasn’t anyone come up with a sawdust scented candle yet? You know, for those of us who can no longer use the miter saw in the middle of the living room. Am I seriously the only market for that?

Okay, enough about my personality quirks, this house has plenty of its own for us to talk about, like this walk-through closet for example. Not as awesome as one with shelving made out of gas pipe, granted, but you’ve got to give it points for creativity.


I’m using one room as my bedroom and one as an office so I can walk through my clothes and pretend I’m going to Narnia every time I need to look something up on the computer.

There’s one other small bedroom I’m using for storage, a basement with a built in work-bench that haven’t managed to get one light working in, and a two car garage (with another workbench!!!) in addition to the awesome outbuildings that really sold the place for me.

What I’ve decided to do for the next six months is use this space as the “proving grounds” for the style and furniture I’d like to have in the new place. Already I’ve got plans to refinish a couple of old end tables, build a new coffee table, and create at least two new huge pieces of wall art.

It won’t be long until the sawdust is flying.

DIY diva


  • Kelly C.

    At least the bathroom looks clean :) Are there hardwoods under that carpet? Totally cool closet!! I wonder if that was a bedroom at one time?

  • Kevin @ My Dad's Shoes

    I’m really into your barn/shop/house project, already. I fantasize about barns to a likely-unhealthy degree. I don’t suppose you’re considering post-and-beam construction for it, like a for realzies barn?

    Re: sawdust candles.. have you heard of Man Cans?

    Maybe they can be your O’Douls. Just enough to remind you of what you’re missing.

    • Kit

      Hey Kevin, you totally god spammed… I would love to build a post and beam or timberframe structure, BUT I’ll probably go with stick framing for this one because I have a very short timeframe for getting it built. It will be 10-12 weeks max, which is utter insanity.

  • Katy @ Turtle House

    I would like to request a talking lion next time you come back from Narnia, pleeeeeeez!

  • hjc

    Our pink plastic tile was pale, not hot and orange-y like yours. However, it was paired with red shag carpet to really raise the style quotient. I’m with Kelly C. – at least it looks clean!

  • CLE Runner

    At least you have plenty of counter space. Something I miss all the time!

  • Sarah @ The Ugly Duckling House

    As it turns out, there ARE sawdust scented candles. Now I know what to get you for Christmas, ha!

  • Guerrina

    Please ask Aslan to come visit! The tiles…speechless. Looks nice & clean though! Looking forward to your new projects.

  • Dani

    I am a lurker and love your blog. Just thought I would comment to let you know they do make saw dust scented candles… Mandles and hotwicks both make them :)

    • Kit

      Here I thought I had a million dollar idea, lol. Thanks!

  • Juleen Kenney

    You weren’t kidding about that pink bathroom! Plastic tiles? I’ve never even heard of that!
    Have fun getting settled into your new place! But resist the urge to start tearing everything apart and starting from scratch!

  • Tamara

    I wouldn’t have believed it until I seen it:

    A side note: This company also sells a “Urinal Cake” candle and one called a “Stripper” candle (and it is not represented like stripping paint off furniture, if you know what I mean.

    The new house is nice but I still am in love with the out buildings!

  • K.D.

    Love the Narmia closet! LOL.

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