Stacked: Sneak Peek

I’m still finding creative ways not to start removing wallpaper from my future office, which, in this case, means making a concerted effort to break the world record for most splinters in a finger at any given time. Coming in a close second? Record for the most swearing.

That’s what happens when you move a cord of firewood from here…


To here…


To here…


This was my first time getting firewood out in the country, and here’s what I love about country folk… they put cut wood out with a sign for how much it costs, stick a lock box on the wood rack for cash, and don’t shoot at you when you drive up to their house at all hours of the day and start removing shit from their property.

Seriously… there’s a huge sense of trust and community out here in the middle of nowhere, and no question about whether or not people will do the right thing. And I mean, you could sell your left kidney and still not be able to get high-speed internet out here , but dammed if you can’t buy fresh eggs at the local bar on Thursdays for $3 a dozen.

Point is, I effing love living out here in my small awesome community. I do not love splinters.

But going from this…


To this…


Totally worth it.

(Yes, my decorations still say “tits & legs” and you know I’m going to keep it like that just because it makes me laugh.)

I am planning to fill the fireplace all the way to the top with wood, but splinter-tetris gets a little more difficult in the last 8″ and I’m still unloading wood from my car at the rate of about six pieces a day… so this project should be done sometime before the new year. The wallpaper, however, may not be…

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    1. Seems about right for organic local fresh eggs – even if not certified organic.

      I just paid $1.89 for xlarge supermarket brand eggs. Based on the markings on the cartons they were anywhere from 5 to 9 days old (I was looking for older ones for making deviled eggs since they’ll peel easier).

    2. Locally here in RI, free range hen eggs are $4 a dozen. That’s just slightly higher than supermarket eggs.

  1. For months I’ve been avoiding helping my mother remove wallpaper in her family room. But I have a feeling this will be a project the days after Christmas.

    A friend said to put downy in a spraybottle, spray down the wall, wait a couple minutes, and it comes right off. I hope she’s right!

  2. Looking good! It’s nice to hear there are some places left where people can be that trusting.

  3. I love it. The wood in the fireplace looks amazing. You’re doing an amazing job. Thanks for letting us take a peek.
    Merry Christmas!!

  4. I have not been reading your blog very long….I think it was in the middle of trying to get your barn up to code or some such thing. Anyway, we have been finishing up an addition to our house that we started sometime in 2007. I have felt your pain on so many things that have caused you grief. You have been such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing and I wish you lived down the block so we could share a cup of anything as well as, some of the things we have learned from our experiences.
    You are doing a great job…..keep moving forward.
    Happy Holidays!!

  5. One question… with the fireplace stacked full, where are you going to burn the wood? and one comment… I hope there are no spiders nesting in the bark… because you are going to have a second party. That was the WORST part of when we burned wood at our old house. I can deal with all sorts of critters, but spiders give me the hibbie-jibbies and I let out a “yeeks” (or worse, depending on the size) each time. I should know I am bigger than them: I don’t care, they move faster!

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