Learning the Hard Way

Let me tell you something. If there is an easy way to learn things that are totally beyond your current realm of expertise, that shit

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First Snow

Well, this happened… Pretty sure that three weeks ago I was working outside in a tank-top. Yep. Definitely was. I’d be surprised, but this is

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The Last Hundred Feet

The pasture fence may actually qualify as the most overwhelming project of 2013, which was completely unexpected because the pasture fence that MysteryMan and I

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Farmers Auction

Probably the most important item on my “prep for winter” list was to stock up on hay for the donkeys. Since they came to the

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All This for a Little Ass

These are the type of posts that I like to start with a litany of injuries, just to set context: strained shoulder, moderately-bloody forearm gash,

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Fenced In (Almost)

Tuesday, when I got home from work, I found this… Really, donkey? Outside of the fence… napping. It’s like he’s just doing it on principle

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