Front Porch Sittin’

Here’s a part of the house I neglected to really show everyone in the Liberty House video tour… the front porch.


Like everything else at Liberty, it’s huge.


Yes, that’s the doorway-turned-mecca-of-glass-block I showed you in the pink parlor from the outside.

There are even some fun paver designs on the landing (they don’t go anywhere, but still, it’s the thought.)


Normally working on the front porch is a project that would be relegated to less-important than, say, tearing out the funky master bath. But not according to the appraiser, which means this baby needs to be scraped, sanded, and repainted sooner rather than later.

I’d actually love to get the decking down to bare wood and then stain it instead of painting it, but given my recent sanding adventures I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle that yet.

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  1. I love this porch and its spaciousness and it’s white inner ceiling! I like the idea of the swing/bed with a twin size mattress for the cushion AND the ability to accomodate many as I love my antique rockers! The Liberty House reveals gem after gem!

  2. Love and would kill to have a porch with a swing/bed!! That is what gets my vote and it could still be done in a minimalist way!

  3. I have been eyeing those swing/beds on pinterest and other sites for awhile now! I think it would be A M A Z I N G to have one of those and sip lemonade out of mason jars on it! (you might need to add vodka to that lemonade if you are considering sanding more floors though…)

  4. Is it traditional to paint a porch ceiling pale blue in your area? I think it is supposed to help keep the bugs and spiders from taking up residence near the porch ceiling (they think it is sky). Or maybe it is supposed to help with ghosts. Even if both of those reasons are bogus it really looks pretty!

    Will you be prepping & repainting the entire porch (ceiling, railings & floor) or only the floor? Not sure stain would protect the wood for as long as paint and the gray (blue-gray maybe) really looks nice with the brick. If you stain I think you need to use one of those water sealants also and those need to be renewed every year or so.

    Just throwing out some thoughts – I think the porch looks perfectly fine (appraiser is nuts). It just needs a few rockers and a bed/swing!

  5. So jealous, love it! I have to wonder what were they thinking with that glass door?? Although, it’s kind of interesting to look at from the porch view. Is it even weather proof? Or does it leak heat & cold. Does that even make sense, lol! Hopefully, you know what I mean 🙂

  6. Unbelievable! Absolutely wonderful. I love this house! There are so many great spaces. The porch is amazing-the light fixtures look great in the pics. I like the circular paver landing, too. Fun, fun, I vote for swing bed!

  7. Cheryl yes – Apparently it was thought that painting your porch ceiling Haint blue would keep evil spirits and bugs away. The Liberty house porch looks like something out of a movie. It’s exactly what I imagine a porch on an old country farm house would look like and feel like 🙂

  8. I heart this porch! I vote for the sanding and stained floor with dark semitransparent or solid stain. Paint outdoors is just not a good idea. I would have suggested a white solid stain for the railing but obviously they are already painted and they would be a nightmare to have to sand down every nook and crany to be able to stain. So I would say stain floors, paint railings. I also vote for the hanging bed. Perhaps something that can be unhooked easily if you had a party or something and wanted extra space for more chairs and tables. GL!

  9. Yes – yes and Yes!

    Every house needs a real porch. There’s nothing better than warm summer nights spent on a beautiful porch.

    What a killer place!

  10. I wonder if they had something in the center of the paving design, like a birdbath or humongous planter.

  11. I don’t understand how an appraise can force you to make repairs. In all my dealings with appraisers they only assess the value of a house and note problems. If anyone is going to force you to make repairs it’s be the mortgage company, it’s their investment after all. I’m confused as to why an appraiser is doing anything other than appraising.

    1. It’s a little bit of both Dave. The appraiser did an “as is” appraisal but then still noted some deficiencies in the property (see this post)even though the value was adjusted to take them into account. That, apparently, is unusual. And made the bank nervous. So I had to escrow the money for things like painting the front porch.

  12. Love swing beds! I was just daydreaming earlier today of a possible swing (not enough space for a bed) on our far far future covered porch. Sigh. I’ll have to live vicariously though you. I normally love the look of stain but with a brick exterior and considering it’s already painted it would be ten million times easier to just repaint it.

    I like the white ceiling. Very typical for a farmhouse in our nearby state. It’s not a Victorian porch where they were Haint blue. A blue ceiling and floor would be too much IMO.

  13. Your porch is absolutely gorgeous as is (well, the glass blocks are shocking, but anyway…).
    Adding a bed swing thing would be divine.
    So beautiful and private and old and perfect.

  14. How was this not the FIRST thing you showed us about the Liberty House??? It’s AWESOME! If it was a guy, I’d marry it. Even those light fixtures rock!

  15. Please…a moment of silence and sincere thanks to whoever lost this amazing house to the auction block….. that has arrived in your capable and loving hands.
    That being said…
    Whaaaa…..I want one!! ;0)

  16. I’m thinking that might have been a funeral door going into the parlor. My dad’s 1850’s farmhouse has one.

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