Victory Lap: Year Six

Can you guys believe that I bought this place six years ago? That’s insane.


When I started blogging (and back then blogging wasn’t even really a thing) I was twenty-three. That was thirteen years, three houses, and a whole lot of power tools (and gray hairs) ago.

There was my first house… the one that looked like it came straight out of a fairy tale:


My second house– the one I spent 18 months living in a garage to build– and sincerely thought at the time would be the last house I ever owned…


And then this place…


The very unexpected adventure. I mean, literally, two days earlier I finalized the plans with the little cottage I was planning to build with my architect and I was out looking for a nice piece of property when I stumbled upon this place…


And then decided to buy it that very day. While I was sitting in a bar. Like normal people do… obviously.

What followed– after a late-night beer-fueled online auction– was one of the most stressful months of my life, spent trying to finance the house (that I’d never stepped foot in) and work with a kind of shady online auction-house to complete the purchase.

And at the end of that whirlwind, when the papers were signed, I grabbed a bottle of champagne, and ended up here:


Six years ago.

And almost every year since. (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017)


(Including last year, which was maybe the shittiest Victory Lap ever, since my greenhouse had blown over earlier in the day.)

And yet, through all of that, here we are. Year Six:


In some ways I feel like the farm really came into itself this past year. Most of the things I wanted to get established– the animals, the garden, the fruit trees, the vineyard– have all been started, and now I get to sit back and watch them grow.

Things look better around here. The garage siding is no longer, well, this…


Even though there’s still work to do…


There aren’t any dumpsters semi-permanently parked in the driveway (I mean, for the moment.)…


The interior of the house is still 50% disaster, but things are in the “getting better” phase, and there’s a real good chance this kitchen will get done this year…


Well. Okay. Let’s not hold our breath for that one.

It’s nice, after six years, to see things start to come together.

Which means, of course, the big project for 2018 will be making a huge mess by tearing all the rotting siding off the back of the house, and spending another summer doing this


I mean, it has been eight years since the last time I sided a house, so I guess I’m due. Also, I’m way better with a hammer now.

But before all that work starts I’m going to spend this early part of spring enjoying the daylight, the animals, and the anticipation of all the wonderful things that will grow out here this year. And, of course, the sunsets.


It’s never going to be easy, but I didn’t sign up for “easy” six years ago… I signed up for awesome.


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  1. I love following along with your life on the farm. I remember, thinking, whoah nelly! when you got the donkeys, bees, and planted the orchard, greenhouse,etc…I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it!You are remarkable.

  2. I came onto your blog early on house #2. “What an amazing woman,” I thought back then. Nothing has changed … you continue to inspire me (I just got a table saw!) at times entertain me (with your ability to see things through a humorous lense), and always encourage me to not give up!

  3. Happy Housiversary! (I just made that up, but maybe it’s a real thing. I’ll have to go Google. LOL)

    I remember finding your blog several years ago and then going back and reading the entire archives from the beginning. I was sad when I got caught up. It was like a good book I didn’t want to end! You’ve come a long way. Thanks for taking us on the journey with you!

  4. I’ve followed and loved this blog since you were building a pergola in your old house that flooded I think. You are my inspiration for picking up power tools! Thank you.

    side note this last picture there is a reflection of the tree in the champagne and it is beautiful!


  5. Happy House Anniversary!! I just love reading your posts in general. And specifically, the struggles you have completing projects resonate with me and other readers, I’m sure.

    I hope you have a lovely Spring. You deserve it.


  6. Kit, you’re awesome. Your style of life is so inspiring–I love the neverending to-do lists and try-try-again attitude, and then there are the posts you reflect and show yourself (and us) exactly what you’ve been up to in your time. I love the photos you keep reprising and the reoccurring characters (mostly wine). Thank you for keeping this up.

  7. Happy anniversary! This might be a silly question, but (if you have time!) can you explain the ladder & board combo you’ve got going on in that photo for scaffolding?

    1. Yeah, that is the stairwell down to the basement, and there was some shelving already on that side of the wall (and the ladder was bolted to it for access to the “attic” above it.) I just added some additional shelving that had to be built while hanging on the ladder!

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